Black Swan Egg

20 x 16 inches, oil on canvas


Steven LaRose said...

Totally unpredictable.
These are getting ethereal.
Interesting how the eggs are effecting the grounds.

This one sucks light and radiates at the same time.

mary klein said...

Thanks, Steven.

Again, though, I’m definitely being influenced by what’s been going on over at your blog. Your recent post and comments on Taleb’s Black Swan swirled around in my head along with . . . how lovely the blown egg hanging in my studio window looks . . . Harlow’s Rhesus monkey experiments . . . realizing, after all these years (with the help of Google,) that Harlow never painted a monkey pink . . . learning that the myth of the Pink Monkey is indeed - a myth . . . and my nagging suspicion that the Black Swan and the Pink Monkey might be society’s polar opposite takes on the very same idea.