A Bow for a Present

30 x 24 inches, oil on canvas


Tracy said...

Beautiful painting, Mary!

Do you set these objects up in your studio? Maybe you can show your set up sometime. For us nosy nellies, that is:)

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, Tracy.

I'll work on getting a photo of how these are set up - but I'll have to clean my studio first and that may take awhile. So until then . . .

My youngest son designed a quad-pod for me (think of a tri-pod with four legs.) Each leg is about 12 feet long and is joined at the top to one side of a little square frame. The quad-pod expands and contracts fairly easily but is very stable once set up. There's a lot of room to use spring clamps to hold both the light and cloth background in almost any position. And the best thing is being able to tie a thread horizontally from opposite legs at the height of the object to keep it from rotating. After hanging things from my kitchen table light, door openings, etc and being incredibly frustrated when my models would constantly spin - finding a way to keep them steady while still hanging freely was a big breakthrough.

Steven LaRose said...

You work from life?
That is so cool.
It makes them even better.
I hadn't thought of the spinning factor.
You are cranking these things out.
I meant to go on about the backgrounds being the most work. I can relate. I also got a kick out of your "lure" notion regarding the objects. I bet you are constantly eyes perked for something to hang.

Mary Klein said...

Gee, thanks, Steven :)

I do spend a lot of time searching my surroundings for good objects. I love it when they just come from nowhere though – like the ghost did. If *you* have an idea for something to suspend (hang is such a harsh word,) I’d love to hear it.

Btw – your toaster photo is awesome. I love all of the out-of-focus sprinkles that lead up to your reflection. Good stuff!

Tracy said...

Sounds like a great set up. I did a series of still lifes a few years ago and had all kinds of wacky ways for setting the objects up. Part of the fun!