Steven LaRose said...

I keep thinking about the thread as rip. It seemed on fire in the macro shot. I'm with Tracy, this is a good one. I guess I've been holding back and not saying that I wasn't as into the spray bottle one before. If you are anything like me, praise isn't that helpful, ALWAYS. But, I can't put my finger on it. Is the background not right? is the object too heavy? The spray bottle doesn't seem to gain much from being suspended. . . hmm

I finally added you to my links, sorry it took so long.

Mary Klein said...
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Mary Klein said...

Thanks for adding me to your links and for your kind words - and especially for your honesty - I really appreciate it. I've been struggling too to "put my finger on it." Usually it helps the most to simply carry on and sleep on these things. It also seems that these eggs (there are more coming) wouldn't exist if I hadn't done the necessary prerequisites. But then again I thought this was Window Cleaner's prerequisite.

Steven LaRose said...

Ok, I got a new theory. Quick, grab a big grain of salt. Just like your earlier carnation pair, the object is big enough (long enough) to cross over into another hemisphere of the painting. When the object can exist simultaneously above and below the horizon line, it seems to flatten the energy. Just a theory mind you. Interesting that when there is no actual horizon in the painting, I assume that it is in the middle of the canvas. . . hmm.

Oh, and if I am allowed to be honest, I hope you can allow me to change my mind.

mary klein said...

I think you're on to something with your flattened energy theory, Steven. In my mind, most of these objects seem to rest more peacefully when residing in their own quadrants - peaceful in a good-potential-energy sort of way. There's also enough room then for the color fields to breathe.

Oh, and allowance granted on the mind changing thing. This wouldn't be much fun if our thoughts couldn't roam around a bit.

Tracy said...

Thanks for putting up the close-up, Mary. Amazing!

I wrote up a whole response about Steven's comments, assumed it posted and went on with my life. Today I am visiting and see that it didn't post. Aargh. Stupid blogger.

I'd rewrite it but I have no idea what I said. Stupid me.