Funny Bunny

20 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

This was going to be "Corduroy Bear" but the bear turned out to be a very stiff and uncomfortable looking model. Fortunately, this bunny was nearby and available - and was happy to take his place.


Tracy said...

Mary, I totally cracked up when I saw the title on this post/piece. When my son was around eight or nine he had a recurring character named Funny Bunny, who was the topic of all of his writings, stories and sketchbooks (he is very prolific). Funny Bunny vs Darth Vader! Funny Bunny Saves the World! Funny Bunny Beats the Aliens! On and on and it all came from a stuffed bunny that he got as a party favor somewhere. I even knit a Super Bunny outfit with a red cape for it.

Anyway. Got a bit off topic there. I like the painting. The character in the face is wonderful.

Steven LaRose said...

Funny Bunny has got an egg shaped body. It makes perfect linear sense.

Hey you two, it looks like I'll be in good company at the Blogger show.

mary klein said...

Tracy, I'm glad you connected with this one - that's always fun!
The frame painting is coming along slowly. I'm thinking Wednesday I may post it - but then maybe only for a bit. It doesn't have the flow these other ones have had. I'm glad I did it though. With all of these I gain something.

Steven and Tracy, it'll be a real honor to exhibit with you this fall - looking forward to it.