Sometimes the Center of Mass Resides Outside the Body

30 x 24 inches, oil on canvas


Steven LaRose said...

Thats wild.

Anonymous said...

I am just seeing your work for the first time, since we are in that Digging Pit show together. Your work is gorgeous!


mary klein said...

Eva, glad you stopped by - and thank you! I'm looking forward to being in these shows with you - and the others.

Steven, my feelings exactly. I learned a lot from these two suggestions and have more lessons to glean from them I'm sure. I'll let that happen slowly though as I'm off on a new tangent now and can't wait.

Tracy said...

Hi Mary, Been meaning to comment on this one, but was busy and then out of town for a few days.

Nice piece, especially the selection of the object, Heh. Interesting how the interior is different than the background, but it still is so obviously and empty frame. I wouldn't think doing that would work, but it does here.

mary klein said...

Thanks, Tracy - and welcome back. Hope you had a good trip out to Cape Cod.

These two were good for me - they evoked such different responses. Funny Bunny literally burst out onto the canvas while this frame was much more stubborn. It's given me a lot to ponder. The bunny was so personal. Like you, I had a strong connection through my eldest son to that little guy. My memories are what seemed to create the painting. The frame, on the other hand, seemed colder and disconnected - not lesser - but definitely different in feeling and in having its own story to tell. I needed to take the time to listen with this one.