Beans for Breakfast

I'm going to start painting a piece of my breakfast today - a single green bean hanging by a thread.

I just went out and picked these and, for some reason, laid the fist-full on the scanner bed. It's an interesting image, I think - requiring some thought and effort to discern what's happening.

You can read a recent review of my work at J.T. Kirkland's blog, Thinking about Art. He's generously put together a very rich-multi-layered project there called "Artists Review Artists."

my breakfast, freshly picked and scanned


Steven LaRose said...

If you hadn't of told me that it was a scanner image, I might have burst my little brain trying to figure it out. I thought that you had suspended all of the beans and the image was sideways.

Funny review. Totally a rookie painter I think. It bothers me that people separate objects from the universe like that. No appreciation for the space. It might even be a dangerously conservative view.

mary-klein said...

Thank you so much, Steven - I really appreciate your comment.