packing up

To mix things up, tomorrow I'll head outside to paint.  Here's a scan of the brush box I clip to my French easel when I'm in the field.  It's hard to read the packing list on it because the box wouldn't lie flat in the scanner.  So here it is again a little easier to read:
  • brushes
  • brush box (an old Creamette angel hair pasta box)
  • brush box clip
  • bungee cord
  • 7 colors
  • comment book
  • eraser
  • hat
  • mirror
  • 2 paper towels (per support)
  • pencil
  • phone
  • repellent/sunscreen
  • support(s)
  • trash bag
  • wipe
  • view finder
My puppy chewed on my view finder years ago but I still like to use it:
Can you see the little saw kerfs that mark half-way on each side of the opening?

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