bleeding hearts - another drawing

Bleeding Hearts Sketch on Toned Paper; charcoal, graphite, conte on toned paper; 10" x 12"

This is the third toned sketch I did yesterday.  The others were a china teacup hanging from a thread and an artist's mannequin hanging from a string (through a tiny screw eye in its hand.)

After getting to know bleeding hearts the day before, the drawing above came very quickly.  There are variations but 4 tones dominate: the white conte, the light gray of the paper, the dark gray of the graphite and the black charcoal - all color-less.  Even so, I sense the pink-ness coming through.  Maybe it was the experience of painting it from life with the colors and smells (bleeding hearts smell just like tulips) permeating the studio.  It could, however, be a nagging question of mine.  Years ago, 37 precisely, I was an architecture student at the University of Minnesota.  As an assignment, my studio instructor asked us to define pink.  After all these years, I might be getting closer to finally anwering his question, "What is pink?"

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