another ghost in a bubble

Red in the Corner; watercolor on paper; 20" x 16"

My accidental bubble drawing was the inspiration for this painting.  

Everything was painted yesterday except for the ghost.  That came about this morning - fast and furious.  I love going to sleep knowing exactly what I'll paint the next morning when my feet hit the ground.  Last night I drifted off to visions of ghosts floating in bubbles.

It takes me about a half an hour to get from bed to easel in the morning.  I've got a finely honed routine that's as comforting to me as Linus' blanket.  It ends with a freshly ground and brewed double Americano.  When that's in my hand my mind knows it's time to paint.  There's no decision making involved - I'm on autopilot at that point.

The red dot in the corner is just that.  Not a lot of thought went into it. I'm really glad it's there, though.  I think it makes possible a nice little title for this piece.

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