on further examination

Below is the painting that came from the previous post's musings.

On Examination; watercolor on paper; 20" x 16" 

Building on the drawing from the previous post, I added a thread to the manikin's hand and color to the composition.  Brush strokes further pushed this piece into one of introspection and self-examination. The manikin seems to be looking for some inner clarification while the outside world swirls around her.  Better this than hanging by a thread and going around in circles?


Olga said...

I do like this intriguing crystal bowl gazing.

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thank you, Olga.

The crystal bowl analogy is one I hadn't thought of. This composition really came about more by accident than anything else - a prop un-hung and my water bowl for water media painting finding their ways to each other. But I'm liking all of the new associations. Your idea of gazing into the future and transcending time is a particularly attractive one. Thank you again.