An Egg Pierced on its Side

20 x 16 inches, oil on canvas


Steven LaRose said...

Shit piss damn.
I just spent a lot of time writing the most brilliant post, only to lose it to an itchy typing finger.

Here were the main points:

eggs are cool, they are head-like, but when you find time I'd like to see your take on grapes, or grape.


light is a force that the eggs are dancing with. Light asserts a pressure in these paintings. In the previous one the light is uplifting and the egg is proudly holding a truly suspended moment, the string feels no tension as the light lifts the egg, in balance. In this painting the egg is stretching the string to its limits by the pressure of the light.

And then, imagine the eggs with little eyes drawn on them.

(Imagine what the longer comment was like)

Steven LaRose said...

Oh yeah,
what would it take for a guy like me to have one of these in my house?
"x" amount of money?
A trade?

Tracy said...

This egg has a jaunty little air about it. I like seeing the the little thing at the bottom as well. That detail gives it a totally different feel than the others have without it. Interesting

I'd be interested in knowing what your price range is as well. Though I must add that I am envious-Steven has never asked ME about a trade:)

mary klein said...

Steven and Tracy - thanks for your interest in my prices and in owning one of my pieces. I'd
really like to own one of each of your paintings too - I hope that can happen some day.

It might be easiest for us to purchase each others' work through
our respective dealers and have them handle the details. Which
brings me to . . .

I don't happen to have representation at this point in time. So this may all have to wait until that time comes. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly when I'll have a dealer. I'm imagining waiting for enough of these pieces to amass - organize themselves - and tell me that they're ready to go. That's kind of my wacky business model. It's worked before though so I think I'll stick with it. I'm hopeful it won't be too long before I can tell you who to contact to buy my work - sometime next year is what I'm hopeful for.

mary klein said...

for Steven and Tracy again: I thought I was doing something wrong so I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who writes and posts comments that never get seen. If you ever figure out a solution that annoyance, I'd love to hear it.

And grapes are on my list now. These eggs have been rummaging around from the beginning so its a real relief to finally get them out. There are still a few to go, so please be patient with me.

Steven LaRose said...

Comment section hijack!

Tracy, I figured I couldn't afford one of yours as they seem to be flying out of your studio so I tricked you into mailing me a postcard. I figure you (Tracy) are making paintings for a living right now and I would get to pick from last years model some day. You know, the pretty good paintings that don't sell but are taking up room in the studio. . .

With Mary, I'm trying to sneak one away before they have a tangible value to her. . . damn
I blew my cover. I'm not in a traditional gallery so I'm fairly loose with my images right now. . . but woe is the day when I have to think of my drawings and paintings as dollars per square inch. . . and yet, that might solve a lot of problems.

Tracy said...

I am all for trading! It's true though, Steven, that it may have to be one of the many "good but returned from the gallery" pieces that currently threaten to crowd me out of my studio. I only wish I could sell everything I paint.

I have been thinking of putting together a blog where I can post pieces that I'd like to clear out at lower prices or for trade. Not sure how my galleries would like that though and I have been too busy to figure it out.

Anyway, I like to trade size for size, not for value. Makes things easier all around.

I am loving the eggs Mary, but girl, you need to get a gallery! Where are you located (approximately, if you don't want to out yourself)?

And I can tell you why my comments don't get posted. After I do the word verification I go to another blog and often click on comments, without checking first to see if the word ver. was accepted-and they usually aren't the first time. Once a new comment box is opened I lose the info in the old one. I suppose there is some kind of setting to change that but I have no idea what it would be.

Talk about hijack!