I thought I’d share the sketch I made for the painting below. It happened after the pose and lighting settled down on this hollowed-side-ways egg. This sketch also happened just before it took off – and roamed around my canvas – like a pointer on a Ouija board – finding rest eventually – as a hovering craft - in the right-hand corner. And there it remains, in paint now, waiting.
8.5 x 5 inches, graphite on paper


Steven LaRose said...


It is a wonderful sensation when the hovercraft locks into a spot. And then, even better when you take the craft around again, just to be sure, and BAM Ouija board style it locks into the same spot.

mary klein said...

Why do I have the feeling that from now on I won’t be able to continue painting until the first positioning of my sketch is tested? And what if one test isn’t enough? What if I keep doubting the craft’s position - and it never hovers in one spot again - and is doomed to endlessly wander the galaxy?

I should have listened when Mom told me to stay away from Ouija boards. “They’re nothing but trouble,” she said.