Extremely Small Comfort

Tissue, oil on canvas, 3.5 x 2.5 inches

I thought this tiny painting needed some context to show its relative size. It was hard to get the proper focus with a camera. Maybe when it's dry I'll try scanning and posting it again.

(added 8am 4.17.2008) Not realizing it when I set out to paint, the size of this piece qualifies it as an ACEO. Wikipedia has a nice introduction to ACEOs here. I chose this size for a couple of non-related reasons though. One being that I made an impulse buy at my local art supply store. 6 of these little canvases were attractively displayed near the checkout and I fell for them. The second reason is I'll be part of a miniature collaboration this fall. A group of artists have been asked to create the art for a dollhouse that will be on display at our county's history museum. I'll post more about that as the time nears.

(rephotographed and image reposted 10:30am 4.17.2008)

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