Gently Looped 'round his Arms

Monkey low and to the Right (top), oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches
(bottom image is an in-progress shot)

Anon left a comment a couple of posts earlier - concerned that the bunny might be suffering head pain from the clothespin. So I tried a different approach here - gently looping the string 'round this monkey's arms.

(top image was added 4.17.2008 and is the bottom image painted further)


Sus said...

Really? It made me think of laundry day, when Mum would wash your toys.

mary klein said...

I'm with you, Sus - clothespins and stuffed animals seem to go together.

But I can see how some people might anthropomorphize these little guys. Maybe they'll comment again and let me know if this pose is more "comfortable."