paper moon

Paper Moon; graphite on paper; 11" x 14"

My morning's efforts: a philodendron that caught my eye yesterday when I sat on the chair adjacent to it.  The extreme perspective of being so near the plant really got me going.  That and the translucency of the leaves, the stem-like appearance of the lamp stand and the problem of keeping the brightest object furthest back.  I confess I made up the leaves that slightly obscure the lamp.  All else is fairly true to life.

It was fun to do this first thing in the morning.  Yesterday was a busy day with my grandson and then a cookout in the evening.  I didn't have any time to put medium to substrate and I so missed it. 

Today is busy too - again with grandbaby.  But I'm determined to do either another drawing or a painting study.  Tomorrow's post will tell.

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