pinwheel prone

Pinwheel Prone with a Thread Attached; graphite on paper; 7" x 10"

The point going off to the lower left was the hardest part to draw in this little piece.  I wanted it to "rise" off the page and that took some figuring out.

These past few drawings in graphite caused me to do a little research on papers and pencils.  I went on Etsy to see what other artists are using there.  Bristols by Winsor & Newton and Sennelier were common.   There was even a deckled bristol that sounded quite nice.  But the sweetest drawing I saw there was one done on Canson acid-free drawing paper.  Not far off from what I use: Strathmore acid-free.  I have quite a few drawing books that talk about materials too.  Bristols, watercolor paper and sketching pads were top choices there.

Wet Paint is having a Try It! night tomorrow evening (5:30 - 7:30) where you can drop in and try out some special drawing surfaces.  They'll be prepared with various Golden gessos and mediums to affect absorbancy and toothiness.  I'm thinking of going.

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