Twenty Fourth

Twenty Fourth, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches


Steven LaRose said...

solid and strong, rather jaunty

mary klein said...

It's interesting that your comments seem to anthropomorphize the ring. Maybe that's what happens with a single object - there's no place left to go.

I've been trying to recollect the years here while fully realizing that my experiences will only serve to organize this series in some fashion. My memories can't possibly be translated to anyone else in this manner. So it's cool to hear what *does* translate. Thanks.

Steven LaRose said...

We always have to take "remarks" like mine with a grain of salt. When I re-read my words, I am astounded at how foreign they seem to me. They really came from nowhere. . . or. . . they came from the paintings, I guess. I could have kept rolling on down the series that night, but then I felt self conscious and decided to quit.

mary klein said...

It's funny how and when self consciousness kicks in.

My favorite "remark" was the prom queen one. The rest were good too - and much appreciated.