Mannequin - IV

With an Open Hand, charcoal on paper, 9 x 8.5 inches


Mannequin - III

Remembering, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches


Leaves Alone - X

A Season of Waiting, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches


Mannequin - II

Shades of Gray, charcoal on paper, 9 x 8.5 inches

Mannequin - I

Video of my Artist's Mannequin Spinning by a Thread


Leaves Alone - IX

Photo of a new Painting in Progress (CCW 90 degrees)


Leaves Alone - VIII

Red Oak Leaf in Black & White, 9 x 8.5 inches, charcoal on paper

Leaves Alone - VII

Acorn Derivative, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches



Leaves Alone - V

Photo of a New Painting in Progress - with a Silk Drape behind the Easel

The oak leaf in this set up is fully dry. I'm hoping it will be a more static model than the last one. Also, the white cloth behind it is helping me to focus. It was fun to look at those past paintings, but now I'd rather be looking ahead.

Leaves Alone - IV

Disbelief Suspended, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches

edited 10.14.2008: After painting further on this piece, it was rephotographed and the image reuploaded.



Leaves Alone - II

Photo of Continuing Progress

The maple-leaf model is withering by the hour. My memory of it hasn't quite left me yet. Hopefully, I can hold onto that for a few more days.

There are three very large white oaks here, a swamp oak and a few younger red oaks. The red oaks keep their browned leaves all winter. Those leaves should be fairly wither-proof. I'll try that next.


Leaves Alone - I

Photo of a New Painting in Progress

There are more Studio - Moving In posts to do. Today did not see me getting around to putting on the doors of the large maple storage cabinet like I had hoped. I'm happy with the start of this painting, though. At this point, the background seems uterine shaped.


Studio - Moving In - III

Photo of One of the Two Small Rolling Storage Cabinets (far left)

Photo of the Large Maple Storage Cabinet (8' long and 4' high)

I refinished this, to some extent, a couple of weeks ago. Those four pontoon-like things underneath it are supports I made from 2 x 4's. They were needed to screw the casters onto. There are 8 casters in all and they do a nice job of making this thing portable. It was really important to me that this studio was flexible in its arrangement. It needed to adapt with a certain amount of ease.

Now I'm really wishing I had made a note of the arrangement of the cabinet doors. They're all just slightly different and it's driving me crazy getting them back so they fit nicely. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I stop putting off doing that. It's just a matter of approaching it methodically - at least I hope so.


Studio - Moving In - II

Photo of the Painting Rack

I've been going through past paintings - a task that seems to come around every 6 months or so. It's part of the painting process to look back on where I've been. It's part of going forward to look backward.

The red splotch in the lower right is where I tested a paint color for the floor. It needs to be a bit more muted - less saturated. It also needs to be April, 2009. That's the month I've set aside to paint the walls and floor. It's time to move in now so I can start painting pictures again. The walls and floor will have to wait.




Photo of a Blank Canvas - on the Easel and as Studio

My latest studio move - and hopefully my last for a few years - has got me thinking about my ideal working environment. Painting outside at a field easel seemed like the perfect studio for so many years. Lately, though, I've sought the solitude and pace of indoor painting. Apparently, that's still the case as my latest studio seeks even further refuge from the outside world.

I've been fashioning studio furniture out of discarded kitchen cabinets these past few weeks. You can see one, above, transformed into a taboret. It's got a glass palette inserted into the top surface (under the radio in this photo.) On the far left (and mostly cropped) is another old kitchen cabinet turned drawing table. Two other cabinets are in the works and will become rolling storage cabinets. It seems I've spent almost my whole remodeling allowance on casters - the rest on green paint. I'm not sick of this green yet.