An Update

Painting has taken a backseat recently to other activities.  Becoming a grandmother is the easiest explanation.  But it also concerns consumerism, the acquisition and accumulation of stuff, safe working conditions and materials, and our current political climate. I'll write more later on this - as soon as the thoughts gel a little better. 

It will have to suffice for now to say that music and wood chips have been filling the air here lately: French horn (in a community band and a small brass gathering), Alto recorder (lessons now - group playing soon) and woodcarving once a week with a friendly group of neighbors.  There was also music at my youngest son's wedding last February. Here's a photo of me dancing with my oldest grandson there.  (I should add sewing to the list of activities too.  My mother-of-the groom outfit was sewn by me - in part because I really hate shopping.)

So, all-in-all, keeping busy. 

Hope this post finds you all content and productive as well.