Adventures of Kleenex Ghost

It's been a big week for Kleenex Ghost. As you can see by the itinerary below, she's traveled all the way from the middle coast to the great city of Pittsburgh - and in only two days' time. She's resting now at Digging Pitt Gallery where she'll stay for a while. Edward Winkleman made a kind mention today about the show she'll soon be in. It was a bit overwhelming with all of the attention. But I think she'll be OK - she's in excellent hands.


Tracy said...

Busy girl!

The Kleenex Ghost is one of my favorites and I look forward to meeting her in Pittsburgh.

What does she cost, by the way:)?

Susan Constanse said...

I didn't realize Kleenex Ghost was a girl!

She is waiting to be unpacked - I was so glad that you decided to send this one.

mary klein said...

Ah yes, she's a she.

Thank you for taking such good care of her, Susan - she's *so* excited to be there! There's no rush with unpacking her. She really doesn't mind the dark - she's a *ghost* after all :)

I'm so glad you'll get to meet her in person too, Tracy. She'll always remember your kind comments when she first appeared here.

Steven LaRose said...

Yeah, but what would she cost a fella?

Steven LaRose said...

I've gotta change that picture of me tonight!

mary klein said...

Feel free to e-mail me, Steven, or e-mail Digging Pitt Gallery, regarding my prices.

Looking forward to seeing the new you.

The old you is rather spectacular though. I love that backdrop you've been working on.