China Cup all in Blue

China Cup all in Blue, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches

This is the painting pictured on the easel from two posts back. The model belonged to my grandmother, Clara.

(edited 10.08.07: image reuploaded after this piece was repainted and then rephotographed)


Tracy said...

Perfect translucency on the cup Mary. It's beautiful. The background looked very purple in the studio shot. Trick of the camera, or change of mind?

mary klein said...

Thank you so much, Tracy.

That is the first layer you see in the studio shot - a deep magenta gradient to lighter ochres. The blues came later - literally in the final color field - and figuratively when I worked on the symmetry of the cup :)

Tracy said...

Ahh, layers of color. I should have known! And I am with you on the cup. They are the worst if one is painting realistically. Yours turned out well though.

Steven LaRose said...

I've been tryin' to tell yah, dis mary klein painter is darn good
(and a proficient blogger).

mary klein said...

You two are so kind. Thank you, Tracy and Steven. I'm going to store these comments away and take them out on a rainy painting day. Goodness knows I have plenty of those :)