Looking Within

Looking Within, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches


Tracy said...


Steven LaRose said...

Object defines space!

This is like two ring paintings. One in front and one behind.


You're not going to put that skull on the end of the string, are you?

mary klein said...

Thanks, Tracy :)

Thank you for the ideas about space, Steven - and your very kind words. Rest assured, there are no plans to put the skull on the end of a string.

I didn't stage the studio shot and wasn't really looking at every detail. Maybe I should have moved the skull. It's only resin (I guess that's just a nice word for plastic.) I bought it on e-bay with the idea of beginning to study portraiture - which didn't last very long. Then I did some vanitas - that was interesting. At this point I'm used to it being around and don't really see it anymore. It's part of the studio along with my bust of Sappho, lots of blown out eggs and who knows what else.

Maybe I'll move it to a street-side window for Halloween - ooooooh :)

Susan Constanse said...

I get a sense of sound.
tiiinnnngggg --

mary klein said...

Cool, Susan - thanks.

China teacups really are amazing. I'd forgotten about the sounds they make - I'm glad you reminded me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting.


mary klein said...

Thank you, Eva.

Another cup is happening on the easel today. Lower and facing to the right this time. I'm holding on to some things (color, values) while letting other things unfurl (hmmm . . . hard to articulate this . . . character, mood, attitude?) It feels a bit like sailing. I hope I stay afloat.