A Post Script

Many thanks to all of you for stopping by over the last two months – most especially to Eva, Steven, Susan and Tracy for your comments and kindness.

Best wishes to those of you celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries this year. In particular - Eva -10th last month - - and Susan - 25th a week from yesterday.

Robert, May 1977

And last, but most essentially, thank you Robert – for photographing all of my work on this blog, for your never-ending support and for thirty wonderful years. I love you.


Tracy said...

Wow, they look amazing all hung together like that Mary. Are you keeping the whole series?

Cute hubby, I always love how everyone in the 70's had lots of hair:) I should put up an old picture of Doug, his hair was crazy!

mary klein said...

Thanks, Tracy. This was a surprise - to see how they play off each other visually when hung together. It's almost like they're bumping into each other and setting off vibrations. The orange piece seems to keep some of that in check - a mooring of sorts.

"Cute hubby" needed some coaxing to allow me to post that photo so we're both glad you liked it. Hopefully, in Nov and/or Dec, you'll get to see the "after" picture. There's considerably less hair to deal with now - on both him *and* me - the effect of time and fashion no doubt.

Susan Constanse said...

Oh Mary!
How beautiful!I get such a feeling of gentle tides and movement from this. Are you keeping the work? It is such a monument.

Hairy husbands. Ha!
We are preparing for our 25th. Tequilla and Indian feast!

mary klein said...

Thank you, Susan. Depending on the angle and time of day, they do play with each other in varying ways that suggest motion. I'm really glad you can see some of that in this photo.

Sounds like you can relate to the "hairy husband" era too :)

Like it says in the post, my very best to you and yours next Sunday!

mary klein said...

Tracy and Susan, you both asked about my keeping these and I have to admit I really hadn't thought that far ahead. Since it turned out that they work so well together, it would seem a shame to separate them right away - but beyond that I'm pretty open. I'm thinking through my keyboard here - but I didn't want you two to get the impression I was avoiding your question. I just haven't given it much thought.

Tracy said...

If you exhibit them, I do hope you'll keep them together for that. They just work so well together.

Selling is always interesting when the work is so personal. But then again, isn't is all so personal?

Steven LaRose said...

Robert looks like he could give Errol Flynn a run for his money.

My first two thoughts about the grid were
Pachinko and windchime.

Second two thoughts were
animation cells and don't separate the grid.

Third thoughts were a blur of musical scores and ring-tones and back to chimes as the red seems to making a note. . . then back to don't separate the grid.

Anonymous said...

Those pieces are gorgeous.