An Egg-in-the-Box

I've been doing some framing lately. This is Downcast Egg which was first posted here and is also a part of the banner above. The frame measures 26 x 22 inches (outside dimensions) which leaves about 2 inches of linen liner showing between the canvas and the wood of the frame. The wood is clear pine rubbed with many coats of white pickling stain. The canvas is floated on the liner so its sides are clearly visible. It's signed on the lower right-hand side. I might change to signing on the bottom side in the future though.


KJ said...

I like the look, Mary. I think it's important to show work in it's frame and even in a real-time setting to get past the 'mug shot' image usually presented on the web. Seems to say so much more about the work.

mary klein said...

Thanks, Karen - I'm glad you like it.

This piece will be shipped soon to be part of a juried group show and I wanted to see how it looked framed. It seems like the time has come to think beyond the edge of the canvas. It was good to be focused within for awhile. But I agree, it's important to eventually place these pieces in some kind of a context.