Paper Airplanes

Poodles, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches


a_christian said...

Are you conscious of/is there an intention with the "halo-ing"?

In Poodles and Some Day there is a white halo around the plane. In She didn't have to....and Yuo should lie... there is a dark halo.

I'm trying to decide if i prefer one to the other, do you?

mary klein said...

Hmmm...where the object and ground meet is an area that interests me greatly. I'm amazed at how the object, and its lighting, influence how I see the ground. It seems that part of how I paint is allowing myself to exaggerate what I see along the arabesque.

As far as which ones I prefer, I would say "Poodles" and "She didn't Have to..." stand out. So light or dark halos, as you put them, don't seem as important as some other factor I can't quite put my finger on.

a_christian said...

I agree, I prefer those two in the series.

is it because they are the most "exaggerated"? I would guess that the others -with the object/ground relationship less defined- are probably closer to reality.

If it were exaggerated any further would it fall apart?

mary klein said...

Ah...this is the point where I try to stop myself from questioning too much. It's when painting the next piece seems the best solution.

The next piece, btw, is a single piece of tissue. I've been painting it while commenting here. It'll be interesting to look at it in light of this discussion. Not today, but maybe tomorrow, it'll be ready to post.