Two by Two

Teacups Series, oil on canvas, 2 x 2 grid of 20 x 16 inch paintings, October 2007

There's a new painting on the easel today. On the flight back home, somewhere over Ohio, I think, the glider was exchanged for a paper airplane. It's a good thing too. The white paper with its folds and wings diffuses the light in amazing ways. There are curves where I'd never expected and places for light to bounce. While the initial layer is drying, I thought I'd show you how these four look grouped together.


Tracy said...

You painting a paper airplane is inspired.

India said...

I love them separately, but they're even more striking as a group.

mary klein said...

Thank you, India - and welcome.

A few of these groups seem to naturally pull together. I'm not sure where that's leading but I'm paying attention. It's nice to know someone else can see this affinity too. Thanks again for your kind comment.