Small Comfort

If you could Try to Try, there would be no End to It, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

I saw these blooms Saturday near Nine Mile Creek - just before it goes into the Minnesota River. They're Skunk Cabbage and are named so for good reason. Ken Arndt, from the Minnesota Native Plant Society, led a field trip out to this special spot. I really needed a sign that spring is coming - this helped tremendously!


Sus said...

Oh, I so need a sign of Spring! It is still too cold to work in my studio.

This one really matches the title.

mary klein said...

I hope you get some warmth soon, Sus.

We got a winter storm last night so all of those skunk cabbage blooms need to melt new holes again. They really are amazingly tough - it was pretty cool to see them.

"Stranger is a Relative Term" is on the easel. Some time next week I'll post it.