A Teacup and a Linoleum Block

Teacup, ink on paper, 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Fresh new ACEOs hanging on the line, 4.28.2008

I spent a good part of the day yesterday carving - and then printing from - a linoleum block. The teacup painting above, on the right, was my inspiration. That - and fitting into the ACEO format - were what guided me. I tried a few different papers - all ones I had on hand; watercolor, card stock, pastel and Fabriano Medioevalis. The Fabriano won out in the end. No one thing is ever perfect, but this paper came pretty close for what I'm doing here.

Printing requires a lot of trial and error and the cards above all fall towards the error end of the scale. But I feel these are getting closer to where I'd like them to be. I've ordered more linoleum and when that arrives, I'll start all over again.


Sus said...

I love the picture of your studio, with the teacups pinned up and the mirror. It is decidedly odd.

mary klein said...

Thanks, Sus. I'm glad you liked the glimpse into my space!