The Makings of a Doughnut

Glazed Doughnut in Progress

It feels good to be back at the easel. Spring is a busy time around here with yardwork, woodswork and gardening. Lately, I've had some art business things to attend to also. And to top all of this off, finding just the right donut to paint has been much harder than I imagined. I'm on a quest for a glazed cruller or glazed french doughnut - the kind that looks a bit like a tractor tire with deep treads.

So far, I've tried gas-station-convenience stores and fancy grocery stores with fine bakeries. I've also tried to look up donut shops online but haven't had any luck yet finding one. So today it's a plain glazed doughnut from my local gas station. Maybe I was meant to do this one before the cruller.

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