Nature Morte

Nature Morte; A Late Veery, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

edited July 2, 2008: After reading Bruce Morrison's comment regarding the identity of this bird, I decided to change the title. It was formerly Nature Morte; Young Robin. Thank you Bruce!


Sus said...

Very eerie. Beautifully painted, though.

mary klein said...

Thanks, Sus.

Prairie Painter said...

Mary, I took a quick look at your blog and really like your still life work - very nice. I particularly liked the Nature Morte works "Clean" is beautiful as well as the "Young Robin", but I just wanted to say that the bird isn't a robin...I can tell from the image that it "is" a Thrush family member (which robins belong), but looks like it may be a Veery...They'd likely be flying through to your area by late April through May, and do nest up your way and further north. But it is an adult that you've depicted. (nicely done)