Green Steps

Beside/Below the Shade Garden in June 2008

I've got a canvas on the easel and its idea swimming around in my head. At 11am I've vowed to begin it. But in the minutes before, I'll catch another glimpse of the garden where it seems my energy, both physical and otherwise, have concentrated lately.

Last month I carved these steps into the hill in the woods, beside and below the shade garden. I tried to work gently around the trees' roots and planted grass seed afterwards in hopes of it rooting before the rains could wash too much of the loosened dirt down the steep slope. I got lucky - the hard rains came after it sprouted. Eventually this stairway will get used - my plan is to embed stepping stones into the bare spots that I make. Those spots may differ depending on whether I'm going up or going down. I imagine I'll get a juxtaposition of the two patterns.

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