From the Garden

On the Vine, charcoal on paper, 8 x 9.5 inches

These aren't from my garden, but in a week or so they could be.

I've been building frames here lately. Five small ones and thirteen large - for a show of twenty seven paintings next month. The 20 x 16 size will go unframed while the 10 x 8s seem to need a bit more presence and the 30 x 24s more structure. Please email me privately if you'd like to know more about this exhibition.

During this time, I'm making quick sketches with charcoal. It's a nice diversion.


Marc Snyder said...

It's a beautiful drawing. Isn't it satisfying to touch in those 3 or 4 dashes of white and watch those tomatoes pop!

a christian said...

I am really liking the relationship of string to object in the last two. (the scraggly vine in this one and the stem in the previous)

mary-klein said...

You're right, Marc - there's something magical about highlights. Sometimes it's hard not to go overboard :) Thanks for the comment - and for stopping by.

Thanks for this, a_christian. I appreciate how you've put this into words. The linear appendages (vines, stems, etc.) may be the complexity I was missing. To me, they affect the center of mass, somehow - and, like you said, relate to the tautness of the string.

David said...

Hi Mary -- thanks for comments and for dropping by my own blog. I'm really fond of your approach to still life and your exploration of space and form . . . there's something very contemplative and quiet about your work, and yet there is tension too. Are you sure you're not a long lost relative of Jean Baptist Chardin? I don't think he hung fruit, but birds and many other things, if I remember correctly.

A beautiful sketch . . . especially like how the background shadows seem to be cupping the tomatoes in the composition and the tentacle-like vine bits that seem to be reaching up.



mary-klein said...

Welcome, David - and thank you for the kind comments.

I've really been enjoying your blog and work, too. It's been inspiring me to get back to life-drawing co-op. Maybe next month - when things settle down a bit here.

Oh - and could you be thinking of Juan Sanchez Cotan? He did paintings of hanging vegetables in 16th(?)c. Spain inspired by his love of mathematical formulas.

David said...

Cotan? I don't know . . . but I'm on my way to look him up!

Steven LaRose said...

Everything alright there?

Awfully silent in blog land.

mary-klein said...

Thank you for your concern, Steven - it's good to hear from you.

All's fine here - just really busy. I have two solo shows this month with a total of 60 paintings. There's also a museum auction benefit and a group show at another museum to get ready for. All of this is happening in the Twin Cities except for one - and that one is only an hour away. Lately, I'm grateful for short trips.

My sons are well - got to see them all last month. I'm most grateful for that. It's been a good summer.

I hope all is well with you. I do miss "blog land" and am hoping October leaves me more time for that.

Warmly, Mary