Photo of a Blank Canvas - on the Easel and as Studio

My latest studio move - and hopefully my last for a few years - has got me thinking about my ideal working environment. Painting outside at a field easel seemed like the perfect studio for so many years. Lately, though, I've sought the solitude and pace of indoor painting. Apparently, that's still the case as my latest studio seeks even further refuge from the outside world.

I've been fashioning studio furniture out of discarded kitchen cabinets these past few weeks. You can see one, above, transformed into a taboret. It's got a glass palette inserted into the top surface (under the radio in this photo.) On the far left (and mostly cropped) is another old kitchen cabinet turned drawing table. Two other cabinets are in the works and will become rolling storage cabinets. It seems I've spent almost my whole remodeling allowance on casters - the rest on green paint. I'm not sick of this green yet.

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