New Mannequin and Gratitude

photo of my easel

Tonight, the last pumpkin from my garden will turn into pie. It will be the beginning of a series of kitchen events that will culminate in the 2pm feast tomorrow. The studio will remain quiet during this time; the mannequin - the blank canvas - the new drawing/idea - all waiting patiently for Friday morning.

To all of my readers here: I'm very grateful you've chosen to read this blog. Thank you for stopping by - and best wishes to you for a happy day tomorrow.


Shea said...

I have trouble getting my family to eat stuff out of my garden, they think if it doesn't come from the store that its not good, so I eat the stuff I enjoy growing,

mary-klein said...

Good plan, Shea.

The first two pumpkins became 'dinner-in-a-pumpkins' - with mixed reviews. My recommendation would be to cook the rice first before adding it to the filling.

What are you planning to grow next year?