Juggling Eggs

photograph of the process of arranging and mounting the small egg paintings

February is coming to a close and the piece that is the compilation of these 28 small paintings is coming together. Here you see the mat board (laying on the floor and reflected in a mirror) with 224 holes pierced in it in such a way as to create a grid - 4 x 7. For a test, one of the small paintings has been laced onto the board (the one in the lower left in the mirror.) It wasn't too hard to do that. I used a very small crochet hook and, for now, light masking tape. I'll use archival linen tape for the final assembly.

I'm impatient to finish, and have dried, the last five small paintings. The most delightful part for me is arranging these elements, like musical notes, to make a harmonious whole. The mirror helps me to get some distance from the piece and to imagine it vertically. March is coming - I believe it now.


Marc Snyder said...

you've EARNED March!

It's going to look fantastic!

Art said...

It's coming together beautifully. I love how they look placed next to each other

Nita said...

I love how it's coming together. Very cool!

mary-klein said...

I agree, Marc - it did feel rather lenten - as if I needed to go through this to earn the end of winter. Thanks for your kind comment.

Welcome, Art and Nita. Thank you for your kind words. It's so nice to see new faces and know that folks are visiting here. I'm feeling fairly certain that the piece will be ready to show you on March 1st. I hope you stop by again then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, it is really interesting to see how this is coming together...great idea to punch holes and use thread! I am also really enjoying your small prints!

mary-klein said...

Thank you, Kit. I'm enjoying the threads too - and the idea that my sewing box held the best tool (a fine crochet hook) for lacing the threads to the back of the mat board. Measuring the placement of the 224 holes and making them wasn't much fun, though - glad that's done!

Be safe and well during this coming winter storm, Mary