Printing Mess

photograph (very candid) of today's printing efforts

On top (left) are three artist's proofs of a new little print of bananas - based on this little oil painting from 2006. I think the linoleum block is ready to go but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to decide for sure. In the end, I'll probably only pull 30 of these. It gets kind of old after that.

Things in the photograph:
  • Plexiglas with linoleum duct-taped to it and a line drawn on it to register the paper
  • brayer with ink
  • wood c-clamped and duct-taped to the Formica table to provide resistance when carving
  • my flower-pot teacup
  • three AP prints
  • roll of paper to rework the design
  • water-based ink


Threadspider said...

Mmmmm-looks like a very satisfying thing to do.

mary-klein said...

That it is, Threadspider - thanks for looking.