Registering Radishes

Radishes, water-based ink on Fabriano paper, image: 3 x 4 inches, paper: 4.5 x 6.75 inches

Like my other prints, this one is based on an earlier oil painting (2006.)

The registration (centering of the image) on the paper isn't perfect and is a product of my deliberate-yet-simple printing process. When the print is matted and framed, the slight tilt won't show at all - so perfect registration isn't a problem for what I'm doing here. Still, I fight the urge to do-over and straighten things up. Printing brings out different responses and teaches new lessons.

My lesson for today? Delight in Imperfection

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mary-klein said...

I spent too much time last night - but thoroughly enjoyed - searching online for old linoleum block printing books. There are some wonderful looking ones from the 20's, 30's and 50's. Their covers alone were a treat to see.

The only related book that I own is a catalog: The Graphic Work of Birger Sandzen. It includes his lino cuts along with woodcuts, lithographs and dry points. It's one of my very favorites - from my small art library.