Cherry, artist's proof, water-based ink on Fabriano paper, image: 4 x 3 inches, paper: 6.75 x 4.5 inches

This new print is based on a painting I did last year.

The post's title is based on a kind comment by Threadspider. She mentioned (in a comment on a post two posts previous) how satisfying printing these little pieces must be and I had to agree. Sometimes it's good to remember the reasons we do all of this and how simple those reasons really are.


Threadspider said...

That is an exquisite little print Mary. The detail is very precise and captures the very essence of a cherry. Has me wondering how this would translate to textiles.

mary-klein said...

Thank you, Threadspider.

I'm glad you mentioned translation. You may have noticed my prints all come from my paintings - and my paintings are all done from life. For me, it seems, my printing path is from life, to paint and then to print - with a measure of alteration and interpretation going on along the way. What happens during translation is what's been interesting me lately. And why my printing path is what it is.

Best wishes with your own artistic translations.