Matrix Cancelled

certificate of authenticity for Bananas print

I was struck by the last line in this certificate of authenticity. (The wording came from a template I found online here.) At first, the idea of limiting an edition by taking some kind of physical action seemed so final. But actions like this can also be very liberating. So - with drill in hand - and a 3/8 inch spade bit in the drill - I freed myself.

cancelled matrix for Bananas print

In addition to drilling a hole completely through the matrix, I've left the last inking to dry. Now, besides ensuring the finite nature of the edition, I can decorate my walls with these printmaking remnants. In free moments, I can look at them - with their final - and forever - inking.


Threadspider said...

I let out a little gasp of horror when I read about the drilling-it does, as you say, feel so final.I can understand the liberation too-breaking the mould, as it were.

Mary Klein said...

It's nice to have your sympathy - thanks, Threadspider.

Once you get past this, it really does open new doors. Right away I found myself looking ahead to new prints and paintings - and more cancelled matrices hanging on the wall. Like ripping off a bandaid - it only hurt for a bit :)

Art said...

I like the idea of being surrounded by past matrixes enough to drill them, a. because they're gorgeous, but also because you have to go forward. Good for you

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, Art - I really appreciate your comment.

The first one is the hardest - like the saying goes. If I just keep my focus on creating a way to hang these on the wall, the next one will be a piece of cake. I'll keep you posted on how that goes :)