paint on the floor

The painting studio is coming along.  All of the sewing things are out now and all of the painting tools have been moved in.  The twisting tape measure (you can see the little sketch in the upper left above) and the white night gown are two ideas that need more examination.  So thoughts of next paintings are moving in along with the practical means to make them.

You can see the floor of the studio in the photo above.  There used to be plush white carpeting there - it came with the house.  With a dog and woods, I never did a very good job of keeping it white.  So it's been ripped up (the padding too) and replaced with 6 coats of water-based house paint - 2 of primer, 2 of light brown and 2 of satin varnish.  The design along the edge ties the room to the rest of the house - at least I think it does.

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