tiny kleenex ghosts #1 & #2 - in watercolor

Tiny Kleenex Ghost #2 and Tiny Kleenex Ghost #1; both are watercolor on paper; and both are 7" x 5"

Revisiting an old favorite.  This time, working much smaller and in a different medium, there's an opportunity to show a bit more of the back story - as in how the 2-dimensional background is created to best portray the essence of the little ghost.  But it also makes me think of the ghost's personal back story - as in why spend so much time illuminating this little guy?  what's his significance in my life?  why should the viewer care about him?
Time to make more in this tiny series.  Attacking these questions from many angles is bound to yield the best results.  Time to set thoughts aside and paint - the answers always seem to take care themselves that way too.  Boo.

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