ovals and oranges

This new little oil painting is an example of mixed whites: Winsor & Newton Flake White Hue and W&N Underpainting White (fast drying.)  It's most likely an example of a lot of other things too but those seem harder to put into words.  Actually, it's fairly easy to lay out the words.  The act of arranging them into logical sentences seems to be evading me at the moment.  So, like the poetry kits sold in book stores for your refrigerator, here are some words for later assembly (please add verbs and filler words as you see fit):

Orange - Oval - Spontaneous - Turquoise - Retro - White - Lines - Contrasts - Strokes
 - Curves - Shapes - Umbrella - Composition - Style - Trapezoid - Gravity -
Skewed - Balance - Ribs - Complements - Swoosh - Measured - Light - Play
Oranges; oil on linen; 13" x 8"


angela j simpson said...

ooo, I like this a lot!

Mary Nagel Klein said...

thanks so much, Angela :)