apple moon

Some paintings have a much longer gestation period than others.  Below is one the seemed to require more than the usual amount of labor.  It was a delicate balancing act - lots of shapes, forms, textures and colors that needed to play well with one another.  And then there was that delicious white space.  But in the end it was the thread that pulled everything together.  Tug.
Green Apple Moon; 27.5 x 17 inches; casein on paper; 2013 Mary Nagel Klein


Olga said...

I find this delightful, and somehow mesmerising. I cannot pin down why, and in many ways I don't want to - not yet, anyway. I just want to savour the odd yet tantalising mix of balance and imbalance.
How wondrous it must be to see your work for real, rather than in tiny reproduction.

Can I ask, by the way, why you use casein? Is it a simple case of you like the effect?

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments about this piece, Olga - you made my day.

Thanks also for your question about casein. I haven't been painting with it for long but the little I've done has pulled me in further and further. It *is* a simple case of liking the effect but there are other reasons as well. I think now that you've asked, I'll write up a dedicated post about my little casein journey.

Frances said...

It turned out wonderful!

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thank you so much, Frances - I really appreciate your stopping by!