water jug

This is my first painting of this little jug.  I found it at a resale shop and bought it thinking it might be right for a painting.  It's a heavy little thing - only about 5 inches tall but sturdy and solid.  That lent to thoughts of weight and balance more so than with my lighter models.  With this piece I feel like I'm entering new territory - uncharted waters while making the map as I go.

Water Jug with Oranges; casein on paper; 27.5" x 17"; 2013 Mary Nagel Klein


Olga said...

Interesting that you talk of the weight of the jug, because at very first glance I thought that the orange oval top left was a weight (as in for scales)! I do love these balances of taut and loose, straight and splash, and the compositions. Delight.
Isn't it strange that these jugs always look heavy - they are, of course, but do they look heavy to those who have never picked one up?

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thanks so much, Olga, for your kind comments.

Fascinating that the orange oval registered as a weight, initially, for you. And I love how you describe the various opposing elements - delightful to read!

Your question raises an interesting point. Given the weight of water and the opaqueness of the jug, there's even more uncertainty for the uninitiated. Not unlike the classic "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear ..." your question gets the mental juices flowing. Thank you for that.