happy 2014

Wishing you, dear readers, a wonderful start to the new year - and rich blessings in the days to come!

Nutcracker; oil on board; 10" x 6"; 2007 Copyright Mary Nagel Klein


Olga Norris said...

Happy New Year to you too. I just love that hair!

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thanks, Olga!

His "hair" is made of very soft feathers that I found at a craft shop. He was a bargain buy initially and I wanted to upgrade the fake fur that he came with.

The feathers move with the slightest breeze and I love how they catch the light. And he seems very proud of his new do :)

- Mary

ghost mannequin said...

happy new month July ;)

Paint Our Town - British Columbia said...

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Anonymous said...
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