road trip

Driving to Denver; casein on board; 4.25" x 7"

It was 1 a.m. when I rolled up to the house today.  After spending the previous day in the car - driving from Denver to Minnetonka -  I was a bit wobbly.  Caffeine is usually off limits for me, but for safety's sake, I indulged in a couple of iced-green teas.  I wasn't alone, my husband was with me and we took turns driving and napping (and sometimes painting - see above.)

And then there was Gumby - our standard poodle.  He came along too and thankfully napped the whole trip.  He's an old dog - 11 years now.  Gumby's the reason we drove instead of flew.  Lincoln, our nearly-five-year-old grandson who lives in Denver, insisted on seeing him.  It was good to connect.

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