thirty six

Lemons, Mum and a Pear; casein on board; 6.5" x 5.25"

Jeffrey Hayes, an artist friend of mine, is also giving himself a personal challenge this month.  Instead of creating 100 casein paintings in a quest to look for answers, his project will last for 90 days and will explore painting in oils from life.
"I'm doing a 90 day challenge, in which every single day I make one new painting from life - no photographic aid whatsoever.
While this might sound like a painting-a-day project, I have quite different goals in mind.  This is not an open-ended exercise where the goal is simply to produce one painting each day.  
Instead, I'm thinking about it more like an educational course, and I have a rough outline for it in mind.  Some of the paintings will even be designed to solve specific problems or learn new techniques." - Jeffrey Hayes 8/12/2017
Please check out his YouTube channel and follow along as he creates a daily video of each new piece.

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