cosmic encounter

45 of my 65 paintings thus far; casein on board; various sizes

In the game Cosmic Encounter there is a character called the Warrior.  Her unique super power is how she is strengthened by her failures more than her successes.  From her character card: "You have the power of Mastery. After an encounter in which you were a main player, add one token to this sheet if you won that encounter (or made a deal during it) or two tokens if you lost that encounter (or failed to make a deal during it)."

Above you can see laid out on my large table 45 of the 65 paintings I've made so far during my 100-Painting Reboot.  These are painting encounters that I 'won' - paintings that I would be proud to have collectors hang on their walls.  The 20 paintings you don't see are encounters that have earned me valuable experience points. 

It's all good.

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