the cabbage-let

The Late Harvest; casein on board; 6" x 9.75"

This is my first year growing cabbages - and now I'm hooked.  There are so many things to love about them.  I grew red cabbages because they're a little more nutritious.  In general, vegetables with vibrant colors have more micronutrients - with cauliflower being the exception.  But back to cabbages - they're an absolutely gorgeous plant, they get ENORMOUS and they're oh so tasty.

All of my cabbages are picked now, eaten and digested - by me.  But my cabbage plants won't quit.  Where each large cabbage was removed there are now several little cabbage-lets.  They're the reason I made the painting above.  They're so adorable they were simply begging to be painted.  It took me about an hour to find a suitable setting for this one - and about four hours to complete the painting.  If anyone's counting.  This is both painting number 66 and 10 as I painted over 10 in an effort to reuse materials.  You can see the process here.


D Gilbert said...

Quarter 'em, olive oil and pepper, grilled or roasted, mmm!

Mary Klein said...

Ooooh - that does sound good :)