100-painting reboot

Since July 2017, I've set out to make 100 casein paintings.  Last night, I painted the 84th one.

At the start, there was never a clearly stated objective.  And the "rules" for the project have only gradually crystalized over these past few months.  Here's what they look like at this writing:
  • the paintings must be 
    • made with only casein paint
    • my best efforts
  • studio hours are
    • 6 hours a day
    • 6 days a week
  • the paintings may be
    • of anything
    • of any size
  • the goals of the project are
    • to gain facility with casein
    • to grow as a painter
    • to learn about, and be able to articulate, my artistic vision
  • work towards sharing these pieces
    • on social media
    • by frequent blogging
    • by searching out exhibition opportunities
    • with collectors
Morning's Light; casein tempera on board; 3" x 4.75"

Social media has been an amazing way to gauge the popularity of some of these pieces.  And I'm very grateful for each and every comment and "like" they've received.  My own personal favorite, however, is the little piece above - painted first thing in the morning after sleeping in a tent the night before on a hilltop in Wisconsin.

There are still 16 more paintings to be made.  It's too soon to expect the answers I'm looking for.  But it's not too soon to be getting excited about the new avenues and directions these 100 paintings will take me.  I'll keep listening to them and will keep you all posted on what they eventually have to say.


Olga Norris said...

I am in awe of your discipline, your effort, and your output. The paintings are so evocative, across all the subject matters - they are lovely. I am curious to see how your exercise progresses. In some ways I feel sad that it will be over in only 16 more paintings.

Mary Klein said...

Olga, your kind words lift me up - thank you!

Your curiosity is met with mine. As this group of one hundred assembles itself, part of me feels like an onlooker - listening and watching for the lessons to be learned.

Thank you, again, for stopping by - and for sharing your thoughts.